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Cleanroom Solutions

ClearSphere has been designing, installing and validating cleanrooms, laboratories, sterile and aseptic suites for over 20 years. ClearSphere specialises in providing a full turn key service which is supported by 3D design technology and formal project management techniques. Additional cleanroom solutions offered by ClearSphere are individual products such as:

  • Cleanroom panels and wall protection
  • Cleanroom ceilings (walk-on and non walk-on)
  • Cleanroom doors and windows
  • Cleanroom flooring and coving
  • Recessed lighting and clean room equipment
  • Cleanroom furniture

Our extensive experience as a cleanroom design company and cleanroom construction company means we have the understanding and knowledge to provide unique solutions to specific requirements.

  • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom
  • Medical Device Cleanroom
  • Biopharma Cleanroom
  • Electronics Cleanroom
  • Medical Research Cleanroom
  • Operating Theatres

We offer a range of systems to suit different standards and budgetary requirements. We apply project management techniques to our turnkey solutions and all our clean rooms meet the following international standards.

  • EN ISO 14644:1-6
  • CFR 21 (210 – 211) cGMP Code
  • EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Current EUGGMP Annex 1
  • Containment Laboratories meeting ACDP Regulations and guidelines
ClearSphere designs, installs and validates modular cleanrooms, laboratories and containment equipment that meet its client’s specific requirement to the highest performance, safety and aesthetic standards.
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