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Containment Solutions

ClearSphere is the number one supplier of Containment Solutions in Ireland. Our experienced team of In-House engineers utilise 3D modelling technology to deliver a choice of bespoke or standard solutions to unique and complex requirements. We offer standard and bespoke containment solutions for the following operations:

  • Weighing
  • Dispensing
  • Bulk transfer
  • Sampling
  • Charging and loading
  • Discharging and off-loading
  • Material handling solutions

ClearSphere has an extensive understanding of complex processes and materials handling applications to ensure we provide the right solution to any requirement. ClearSphere can provide tailored or standard equipment such as:

  • Glove box isolators
  • Filter housings
  • Downflow booths
  • Barrier containment
  • Solvent booth
  • Sampling suite
  • Powder handling booth
  • Pharmacy isolators
  • Charge booth
  • LAF hoods

ClearSphere is the industry leader in containment engineering in Ireland and assures quality and peace-of-mind by basing its work on comprehensive statements of customer requirements.

The on-going planned maintenance programs we provide ensure clients get optimal performance and cost-effectiveness over the entire life of their investment.

ClearSphere is the number one supplier of containment solutions for critical applications in Ireland.


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