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Process System Products

ClearSphere has partnered with Waldner Process Systems to provide the following solutions:


ClearSphere has partnered with Waldner Process Systems

Isolators and Containment


Laboratory Isolators

  • Complete system for the researcher
  • Provides maximum operator protection
  • Excellent clean ability of the entire interior
  • Tailored to typical laboratory process
  • Flexible and mobile system
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Sterile Isolators

  • Provides complete product protection
  • Controlled over pressure and integrated LAF systems
  • Customised Sterilisation Cycles dependant on application
  • Suitable for the execution of sterility tests
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Rapid Transfer Port

  • Contamination free transfer of objects and product
  • Docked to the outside of the isolator
  • Employs Double-lid principal
  • Approved hazardous material container for transportation by road, sea and air
  • Complete flexibility and easy to clean
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Continuous Liner Systems

  • Allows contamination free outward transfer
  • Allows simultaneous packing of objects or products brought out of isolator
  • Facilitates safe handling
  • Intelligent system enables contamination free exchange of the continuous liner
  • No interruption to production
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Glove Tester

  • Based on pressure drop test
  • Checks the integrity of gloves
  • Glove ports pneumatically sealed
  • Results recorded with a XY plotter
  • Mobile & meets the highest FDA & cGMP qualifications
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Vessels, Skids and Units


Single - Layer Pressure Filter/Nutsche Filters

  • For the handling of expensive or toxic products
  • Automated Central Locking system
  • Filters range from 50-300 litres
  • Variety of surfaces
  • Fitted with choice of manually operated spindle, pneumatic or with hinged open aid
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Returnable Stainless Steel Container Systems

  • Pressure resistant aseptic containers in sizes 150 to 1,000 litres
  • Cubic containers for liquids, viscose media and bulk in sizes 200 to 2,500 litres
  • Containers comply with the highest pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food standards
  • Available in hermetically welded or standard versions
  • Equipped with various heating and individual mixing systems
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Preparation, Pressure & Reaction Vessels

  • Made from stainless and special alloy steels
  • Vessel capacity between 5 and 10,000 litres
  • Skid range between 5 and 10,000 litres
  • CNC grinding technology, plasma arc welding equipment and pickling available
  • Subject to extensive quality control tests
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Drying Technology


Mobile Vacuum Contact Dryer

  • Enables the process systems to be realized at various places
  • Containers ranging from 5 to 350 litres
  • Mobile systems due to fixed agitator
  • Consistently contamination free product transfer due to split valve docking system
  • Easy handling and excellent clean ability
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Vacuum Tray Dryer Series VTP

  • Suitable for smaller and medium shelves (from laboratory size to 17m²)
  • Optimum cleanablility,; carried out manually or by CIP system
  • Designed to cGmp and FDA standards
  • Integrated internal heating plates
  • Complete polished interior
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Vacuum Tray Dryer Series VTW

  • Designed for high standards in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Suitable for medium and large shelves with a standard size of 24m²
  • Heating plates welded to the side walls as well as available in a detachable version
  • Integrated VTW’s energy inlet and outlet
  • Vacuum chambers designed with large radii corners to enhance cleaning and inspection
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Vacuum Tray Dryer Series VTC

  • Lower cost alternative
  • Dryer casings corresponds to the VTW
  • Heating plates designed as laser welded pillow plates with smooth and even surfaces
  • Heating plates are screwed to the rear panel
  • Offers operators interchangability of individual heating panels
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Circulating Air Tray Dryer with Filter & Solvent Recovery

  • Serves as a universal convective drying system for products containing solvents or water
  • Modularly constructed
  • Consists of product chamber and separate energy module
  • Trays loaded side by side
  • Gas tight door
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